Paxil social anxiety disorder

It was wonderful. Paxil is one of the medications approved to treat social anxiety disorder. Enter Your Name. Share on Google Plus Share.

Anyways now I don't fear public places or people anymore I feel normal as I would call It! Only side effect is delayed orgasm".

I can hold meetings within my team. It definitely helped with my social anxiety but not in a good way. You're right, lexapro is usually used to treat GAD.

The exact cause or causes of obsessive-compulsive disorder are not fully known at this time. The first month was really hard because I felt so nauseous and shaky and heart kept racing and paxil social anxiety disorder extremely tired.

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Paxil social anxiety disorder. social anxiety disorder , paxil vs lexapro

It is just a quick screening test. Monthly newsletter. Was put on Paxil, and it was brought to my attention, paxil social anxiety disorder they actually made me worse I really need to know if lexapro will work for social anxiety before I start to take the medication.

It is just a quick screening test. Weirdest thing ever. Go to:

Was put on Paxil, and it was brought to my attention, that they actually made me worse I couldn't speak to anymore for any longer than 10 minutes.

Anxiety Channel. Regardless though it helped my life for the better.

Just because it makes you feel awful in one dose doesn't mean it won't work for you. But that is only a small price to paxil social anxiety disorder for a happier life. Therapy is really life saving for some people.

I couldn't feel any emotions; I couldn't cry. Personal consultation s with a qualified medical professional is the paxil social anxiety disorder means for diagnosing any medical condition. But do you know the signs that anxiety has gotten out of control?